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That Guy Under the Vader Mask

I am always disappointed, confused and let down when Luke pulls of Vader’s helmet in ROTJ.

What were they thinking?

Vader was mythical, larger than life, even by cinema standards.

enter image description here
Rare image of David Prowse without the full mask on. Possibly on set in the meditation chamber for The Empire Strikes Back.

Why show that face? Those weepy eyes? He looked weak and bloated. Wasn’t he just battling like a champ with Luke and the Palpatine?

That actor, is Sebastian Shaw. He has been replaced by Hayden Christensen as a force ghost in newer releases.

Sebastian Shaw’s brief but important performance in Return of the Jedi, the original third installment in the Star Wars franchise, in which he portrayed an unmasked and redeemed Anakin Skywalker (formerly Darth Vader), and his ghost in the original version of the film.


I think Sebastian Shaw wins as least known Star Wars Actor… and least needed. If George Lucas has regrets, taking off Vader’s mask has to be top

  1. Imagine if we still didn’t know what he looked like under that thing?

It would make scenes like this all the better.