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Oldest Star Wars Character?

There are some ridiculously old Star Wars characters.

Chewbacca is over 200 years old in the current series. Apparently Wookies live to be 400, so 200 is like 40 for a human.

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Vader was young considering who he’s up against. He was 46 when he passed away in ROTJ, but he looked like an aged hairless wookie…

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Jabba? Died at the ripe age of 604 in Return of the Jedi.

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Yoda passed at the ripe ol age of 900 in ROTJ but there is another…

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The oldest goes to Maz Kanata, who is apparently 1000 years old while jumping with a jetpack fighting some disgruntled employees or something in TLJ.

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*I gathered these ages from Yoda’s data pad, which seems to know what its talking about.