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10 of the Best Moments from Star Wars Resistance Season One |

Spoiler warning: This story contains details and plot points from Season One of Star Wars Resistance.

From a focus on pilots and racing, to a fun and full embrace of humor, to a vibrant and colorful anime-infused style, Star Wars Resistance has been a wholly-unique and rewarding Star Wars animated series.

The show’s first season came to an end this weekend, leaving rookie Resistance spy Kaz and his friends in an exciting, if surprisingly bittersweet, position: they’ve survived, having thwarted the First Order’s plan to control the Colossus and are headed off to a destination unknown; their friend Tam has joined the galactic tyrants. While we can’t wait to see where the story goes next — which literally could be anywhere — here’s a look back at 10 of the best moments from the season that started this new adventure in a galaxy far, far away.

Ships racing in Star Wars Resistance.

1. Kaz’s first race, “The Recruit” 

While Resistance sets Kaz up as a gifted a pilot — and he is, tagging Major Vonreg’s TIE in the series’ opening scene — his first race on the Colossus serves as a humbling experience. Pushing the rickety Fireball a little too hard, the ship’s engines fail and flame up, leaving Kaz lucky to escape alive. The show could’ve taken the easy way out and had this be a triumphant moment for its protagonist; instead, it was a learning moment, and Kaz and the season became richer for it.

Two Chilidae with Kaz and Neeku in Star Wars Resistance.

2. Meeting the shell folk, “The Children from Tehar”

Turtle people. There was no way they were not making this list.

A Kowakian ape-lizard in Star Wars Resistance.

3. Meeting the Kowakian ape, “Signal from Sector Six”

If you thought Salacious Crumb was a little scary, wait until you see what looks, essentially, like his big, bad cousin. In “Signal from Sector Six,” we meet the enormous Kowakian ape: It cackles, roars, and chases our heroes, and it’s terrifying.

Yeager and his brother Marcus embrace on Star Wars Resistance.

4. Yeager and Marcus, “The Platform Classic”
Kaz’s mission takes center stage in Resistance, but the show is filled with interesting backstories for its main characters. When Yeager reconnects with his racer brother Marcus — whose cheating caused a major rift between them — it’s particularly poignant. “It’s important to forgive people,” he tells Kaz. “When you don’t, nobody wins.”

The rakkna attacks the Colossus in Star Wars Resistance.

5. Adopting the wrong pet, “Bibo”
It wouldn’t be Star Wars without a giant creature, and Resistance more than delivers with the rokkna: a huge multi-eyed, multi-tentacled sea monster of the highest degree. While the beast turns out to be misunderstood — it was just looking for its baby, the Neeku-named “Bibo” — it made for a very fun, and very big, threat.
TIEs pursue Kaz and Poe through a cored planet in Star Wars Resistance.
6. Racing through the planetoid, “The Core Problem”
As a subtle, dark foreshadowing of what’s to come in the form of Starkiller Base, Poe and Kaz’s discovery of cored-out planets is chilling. But their smart race through one of the worlds, intentionally leading the approaching TIEs into a gravity well, is one of the season’s greatest stand-up-and-cheer moments.
The destruction of Hosnian Prime in Star Wars Resistance.
7. The destruction of Hosnian Prime, “No Escape: Part 1”
Resistance excels at showing the personal cost of war, and this might be its most powerful instance. Here, we observe Kaz watching helplessly as General Hux delivers his fiery speech from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and then witnessing the destruction of his homeworld. You can see the heartbreak on his face and you can feel it, too.
The Colossus rises in Star Wars Resistance.
8. Rise of the Colossus, “No Escape: Part 2”

Finding out that the Colossus was not just a platform, but a ship, was shockingly great; seeing it rise from the Castilon oceans, however, was truly awe-inspiring.

Tam leaves with the First Order in Star Wars Resistance.

9. Tam’s choice, “No Escape: Part 2”

Tam’s backstory and her sympathetic perspective on the First Order brings an added layer of complexity to Resistance, and it pays off in the season finale. Maybe she was manipulated by Agent Tierny, but Tam’s choice to leave with the First Order is ultimately her own. It’s a shocking and sobering moment, but one that we understand.

Kaz destroys Vonreg in Star Wars Resistance.

10. Through the Colossus, “No Escape: Part 2”

Kaz grew up a lot throughout Season One, and that’s exemplified through this spectacular action sequence. With Vonreg barreling down on Yeager, Kaz pilots the Fireball through the Colossus, blasting the red TIE and saving his friend. It’s a nice bookend to the opening scene of the series — in which Kaz tags Vonreg’s fighter in space — but also to his mishandling of the Fireball in his race with Torra Doza; Kaz has learned to be patient and think of others before himself, maturing into a real leader.

It’s also just a super cool maneuver.


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