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Rare Boba Fett Star Wars toy sells for a world record $112,926 at auction 

A prototype Star Wars action figure that never made it to toy store shelves set a new world record selling for more than $112,926 (£90,000).

The plastic figure was a rocket-firing bounty hunter Boba Fett made by toy company Kenner in 1979.

The 3.75ins figure was meant to have been released in conjunction with The Empire Strikes Back being released in 1980.

It was displayed at the 1979 New York Toy Fair but never made it into mass production due to safety concerns with the rocket firing mechanism.

Boba Fett in Star Wars


Others have speculated the toy was scrapped as its design was potentially ‘dangerous for children’.

Most prototypes were destroyed in the factory at the time, and only a handful of them have ever come to market.

The previous world record for a Star Wars toy was for another Boba Fett prototype that sold in March 2018 for $77,380.00  (£69,000).

Alex Winter, president of US-based Hake’s Auctions, said: “The toy was pulled from the line after being deemed a possible safety hazard for children, thus making the Boba Fett figure extremely rare and coveted in the collecting world.

“They were meant to all be destroyed, but some employees took them home.

“Possibly around 100 made it out the factory, and only a handful have ever come to the market.

“We set the previous record for the same type of Boba Fett prototype figure last year so we suspected a world record could be on the cards this time round.

“Both we and the seller are delighted with the result, which shows the strength of the market.”

The toy, which attracted worldwide interest, was purchased by an American private collector.

The $112,926 (£90,322) sale set a new “world auction record” for the purchase of a Star Wars toy, Hake’s said.


Source: Rare Boba Fett Star Wars toy sells for a world record £90,000 at auction – Mirror Online

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