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Is Boba Fett in Solo?

Boba Fett Cameo in Solo:A StarWars Story

Screen Rant has posted an image from Solo that appears to have Boba Fett in it.

Look closely to the left on the above image. Now stare… cross your eyes a little maybe? Yes, concentrate, because there is someone wearing a helmet that looks Boba Fettish (hah! I can’t be the first…)

Screen Rant claims this is a deliberate Easter Egg. Placed for the entertainment of future Boba Fett and Solo movies that may now never happen….

The helmet is a bit different from the 80s Boba Fett we know and love. Notice the yellow ‘killstripes’ lined across the front. The scene is sepia colored, but the color scheme matches Mr.Fett too.

Oh I wish more people would have gone to see Solo in the theaters. Why would you not see a Star Wars movie in the theaters? What is the collective problem (and please don’t blame Kathleen and Rian)?

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