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The Mandalorian

We are pretty excited to see the Star Wars universe go episodic TV style with The Mandalorian.

There isn’t much info on what its about, but it has that guy from Narcos and its in the hands of the guy who directed Elf…. and Iron Man.

The first big Star Wars leap into live action TV was The Star Wars Holiday Special (they also made an Ewok live action TV special, yes we own the poster), so should we be worried? Nah, The Mandalorian will never steal that crown.


Check out THIS rifle

While you are waiting for the show, get yourself ready…..


Get a Mandalorian Sniper Rifle Replica


Seller Notes: “This prop is an uncanny result of grafting together several different items. It is screwed together, glued together, and painted beautifully. It’s meant to look rugged as an aesthetic.

Or a helmet