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Dollar Store Star Wars

Recently, we visited our local Dollar Store.

There are things in there that actually cost a dollar like sunglasses, mold remover, phone cables, a dish towel, toothpaste, a plastic bottle of soda… I will stop listing now.

I decided to check the toy aisle for a Star Wars pencil or stickers. I was pleasantly surprised to find actual honest to goodness Star Wars gear at the dollar store. With Star Wars toys, the Dollar Store is willing to go against their own name and jack up the price a little. However, as far as I could tell, the prices were still lower than the cost of the coffee mug set my mom went there for ($10 for a set of Dollar Store mugs with dishes… I don’t know about that).



These blade builders could very well have cost $1. Thats Amazing!

On Amazon prime, a Yoda bladebuilder saber will cost you about $16, but at the dollar store, it is possible that these bladebuilders were a dollar each. I didn’t see any other markings saying otherwise. I would buy out the store and throw a lightsaber party, if I had friends that would appreciate it.


This guy! I have to admit I don’t know who the &^)($#!! this is.

So you will find, over time, reading Star Wars Everything, that there are some things that we know less about. Star Wars cartoon series being one of them. Sure we’ve seen some episodes, but we are not experts. I think what was at the store was a character from…. Rebels?

The figure, labelled “the Inquisitor”, is marked at the low low price of $5.99. The Inquisitor was labeled as an “AMAZING VALUE”. This seems unlikely since almost everything else in the store is a buck. This Inquisitor is 12 inches (approx.) of towering Star Wars plastic, but on Amazon a figure less than half his size goes for $11.99. Do not get played! The dollar store will keep you from throwing away more money for less plastic and more storage space.




Holocron… Not sure when this was ever in a movie, cartoon, book or comic. But it is labeled Star Wars and it is DIRT CHEAP!

Last I found this Jedi HOLOCRON (whatever that means). I don’t know what Star Wars has to do with science. The science of Star Wars is very inaccurate. However, Marked for only $2.99 this holocron is a penny less than $3!! On Amazon it is on sale for $6.99 (but you get it to yer doorstep cause its PRY-IME).

If you ever find yourself in a dollar store staring better deals dead in the face, please send me the details. I love a good deal and a dollar today is like yesterday’s nickel.