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Grant Imahara just made an animatronic Baby Yoda for Charity

Okay, we realize we have been posting about the little Yoda child a lot. But, also being fans of Myth Busters and Grant Imahara we had to give props for his latest robotic Creation.

Grant’s career has had some major robotic highlights. He was one of the few engineers operating and working on R2-D2 for the prequels. He built the Energizer Bunny, for the commercials (apparently it was a lot larger than they’d have you believe). Grant’s major visibility comes from being a cast member on “Mythbusters” until 2014.

His latest creation is a full scale, animatronic, with silicon skin and hair Baby Yoda.




On his Facebook page, Grant mentions touring children’s hospitals with his robot. Sounds like a great cause to us.

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