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Check Out the First Order Treadspeeder From Rise of Skywalker – /Film

First Order Treadspeeder


Every new Star Wars movie brings with it new characters, new droids, new aliens, new planets, and, of course, new vehicles. After all, a sequel needs to put something fresh into the universe…and the toy companies need something new to sell us.

And now, we have a close look at one of the new vehicles introduced in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – the First Order Treadspeeder, which was on display at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago

Like the best Star Wars vehicles, the First Order Treadspeeder looks like it was built to be actually used and used hard – very few pieces of machinery actually shine in a galaxy far, far away. A sign posted by the vehicle revealed that this speeder is used by First Order soldiers to navigate rough terrain, which explains that tank-like design. Here’s the full description:

We may even catch a tiny glimpse of the First Order Treadspeeder in the newly revealed trailer. At one point, we see shots of a chase through the deserts. Our heroes dodge enemy fire while piloting a skiff, pursued by various vehicles obscured by dust. Some of the the bad guys appear to be Stormtroopers wearing jetpacks (!), but others look like they could very well be the Treadspeeder, clearly in use to help move across the desert terrain.

We’ll know for sure when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens on December 20, 2019.


Source: Check Out the First Order Treadspeeder From Rise of Skywalker – /Film

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