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Episode IX: StarWarsEverything Title Guesses.

I don’t know about you, but we have been sitting around waiting for this Star Wars Celebration to happen. There has been a void in the Star Wars Universe and it needs to be balanced.

Can you believe that Episode IX is only 8 months away and no one knows the title?
Hopefully this will be cleared up at the Star Wars Celebration this week.

Since the title is not yet out, and we want Star Wars Prophet cred, we have some good guesses. Maybe these have been posted elsewhere, but believe us, we have not been reading other people’s predictions (except the one by Ain’t it Cool News that said it would be “Skywalkers” …. we don’t feel it).

Some Star Wars Everything Episode IX title guesses.

  1. Revenge of the (fill in the blank) could be Skywalkers, Knights of Ren, Porgs, Wookies, you name it.
  2. Return of Lando: Lando Solves EVERYTHING
  3. Origins, yes, maybe the whole reason for it all will be tackled, even Midi-chlorians  (although that would fail).
  4. Rose Strikes Back,  for killing off her sister, for all of the interweb hate, for Poe sending in the bombers, for Finn still being into Rey….
  5. Attack of C3PO, did you see the leaked poster with C3PO holding that bowcaster?!?
  6. The Death of Chewbacca, because the only way C3PO can get the bowcaster is by prying it from Chewie’s cold dead hands.
  7. Rey: Queen of the Universe, do you not know that rey means king in spanish?
  8. Knights of Jar-Jar, yes I would pay good money to see this.
  9. The Force Ends, What if the Force decides it is tired of this charade?
  10. The Last Death Star, if at first you don’t succeed…

I really Hope Star Wars Celebration clears all of this up.