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The First Star Wars Sequel – First Draft by Leigh Brackett

Before the title, The Empire Strikes Back, there was a written script, by Leigh Brackett, that had many differences.

According to T-bone’s Star Wars Universe (where we got the link to the PDF)

SOME noticeable differences include:

  • Han is never frozen and there are no bounty hunters like Boba Fett
  • Lando has a different last name (Kadar) and a lady friend
  • Planet names are different or changed around
  • Yoda is called “Minch”
  • Han is sent on a “mission” to speak to his powerful Step-father (which is supposed to be part of the next film)

and the biggest one of all…

  • Darth Vader and Luke’s Father are TWO DIFFERENT characters

Have fun reading this draft (LINK). 

-Star Wars Everything

Read Source: The Empire Strikes Back – First Draft by Leigh Brackett – T-bone’s Star Wars Universe

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