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Han Solo Rumored to Return for THE RISE OF SKYWALKER — GeekTyrant

It looks like Emperor Palpatine isn’t going to be the only big surprise character returning to the Star Wars franchise for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. There is another, and it’s one that I didn’t see coming.

The rumor comes from Making Star Wars, and if it’s true, it would be a big spoiler. So, before you go on….

so according to the rumor, Harrison Ford returned to reprise his role of Han Solo for a scene in the film. According to the report:

I was at a reading late last night in Los Angles and a chance encounter allowed me to see evidence that Harrison Ford filmed a sequence for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Harrison Ford appears to be in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in a newly filmed moment with Adam Driver.

So what do we know about this possible scene between Han and Ben Solo? Well, some inside sources offered the following fragments of information:

  • The main sequence takes place between Ben Solo and Han Solo.

  • One source called it a surprise intervention of sorts.

  • A source that did not work on or see the sequence believed it takes place when Kylo Ren asks the burned Darth Vader helmet to show him the darkness again.

  • Luke Skywalker appears to be the twist in the encounter.

  • The source was paraphrasing but Han Solo tells Ben Solo it isn’t too late and the sequence has a tone of forgiveness and understanding to it.

  • He’s not a “force ghost” in the classic sense and he’s part of a “vision” or “dream” type moment induced by Luke Skywalker.

As for how this scene might play out in the film, the report speculates with the following:

If I had to guess I could see the sequence playing out where Kylo needs that extra push of evil and tries to use the Darth Vader helmet to get there. Instead Luke Skywalker intervenes and brings Han Solo from the “netherworld” into Kylo’s vision where his father lets him know it is never too late to return to the good side and he is forgiven. Maybe this is the moment Ben Solo returns to the light.

Again, that’s just a fan theory, but it’s one that seems to work with the details provided. One thing that the says says they are very confident in, and that’s that we will see Han Solo one more time before the saga come to a close.

What do you think about Han Solo’s return? How do you think the scene involving him will play out?

Source: Another Big STAR WARS Character Rumored to Return for THE RISE OF SKYWALKER — GeekTyrant

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