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Could this be the MacGuffin of Episode IX?

Since the release of the teaser trailer for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker I have discussed what happens in the various shots with several people.

There is one item that I am curious about. It is Rey’s hand and it is about the size of a backpack.

The item, in her right hand, seemed like a helmet at first. Now I think it is a container of some sort, like a bag.

But what is so important that she has to carry it in a separate bag from her regular carrying case? Why is it important enough for Rey to be carrying around while looking at the carcass of the Death Star.

It may not be much, but to saddle the main character with an object that large… there has to be a reason. Could this be the MacGuffin of Episode IX? Is it possible that in this teaser trailer, the object that ends the saga is right there in Rey’s hand?

What is this object Rey is carrying while staring at what appears to be the remains of the death star?

Another option, is that it is a lunch bag. The last of the rebellion planned on having lunch on Yavin 4 and stumbled on part of the completely obliterated Death Star from A New Hope. Not to derail this article but, we’ve all seen the footage, that thing blew up into space dust. Its a trap! But that is a different subject.

For now, we will keep betting on what the object is.

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